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                  Automatic Transmission

                  Thrust Needle Roller Bearings for Power Train
                  Selection of the raceway washer and retainer type can be accroding to operating conditions, such as load, rotation speed, and lubrication.

                  Thrust Needle Roller Bearing for Torque Converter
                  A bearing and a raceway washer with anti-rotation function have been unified for easy assembly and high capacity.

                  Drawn-Cup Needle Roller Bearing for Train
                  From sliding bearing to rolling bearings, low friciton torque has been achieved by the technology of thin cress section drawn-cup bearing.

                  Drawn-Cup Needle Roller Bearings for Shift Linkage
                  Smoother shifting is achieved by repiacing sliding bearing with rolling bearing.

                  Linear bearing for Solenoid Volve
                  Special arrangement of balls cahieved.

                  Long Life Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
                  Reduced weight and costs have been achieved by using PA46 plastic cage with superior oil and heat resistane. Initial internal clearance is used to provied optimum preload.

                  Long Life Double Row Tapered Roller Bearings
                  Original materials and heat treatment have been developed for longer life, initial internal clearance is used to provide optimum preload.

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