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                  Precision Machine Parts & Mechatronics Products

                  Used in diverse applications such as semi-conductors fabrication systems, earthquake protection systems for high rise buildings, factory machinery, numeric control machine tools, and industrial robots. NSK holds a top position in the world markets for ball screws, megatorque motors, and other advanced products.

                  BALL SCREWS

                  Ball Screws - WFA Series
                  Maintenance-free, compatible with stringent environmental concerns

                  A Series
                  Standard ball screws with finished shaft ends

                  LINEAR GUIDES

                  S1 SeriesTM Precision Linear Guide

                  Attain drastic cost reduction by application of new manufacturing process to the product.


                  Megatorque Motors YSB Series
                  High torque, zero backlash and fast acceleration, its robust design guarantees its reliability.

                  Maintenance-free ROBOT MODULETM P/R Series
                  Sealed belt cover incorporated for dust proofing performance. Enables simple and flexible configuration of optimum cartesian robots

                  Other precision products include:
                  Megathrust Motors
                  XY Tables
                  Support Unit

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